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      Articles written in Proceedings – Animal Sciences

    • Some biometric studies of certain closely related species of the genusArius (Pisces: Siiuriformes: Ariidae)

      J R Dhanze K C Jayaram

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      The marine catfish genusArius of the family Ariidae comprising 21 species have been divided into six complexes and three groups based on interspecific relationships and morphometric affinities. In this paper themaculatus complex of four species,viz., Anus maculatus, Arius arius, Arius gagora andArius jella has been critically examined in respect of a selected list of 20 morphological characters based on examination of a large series of examples collected first hand by the authors. The samples have been statistically analysed, and the range of variation in respect of each character as exhibited by each species has been delineated. The probability significance test has been made to establish the interspecific relationship.

    • Evolution and biogeography of the Indian genera of the family Ariidae

      K C Jayaram J R Dhanze

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      Catfishes of the family Ariidae are commercially important and are represented in Indian waters by 22 species under 5 genera:Arius Valenciennes (18),Osteogeneiosus Bleeker (1),Hemipimelodus Bleeker (1),Batrachocephalus Bleeker (1) andKetengus Bleeker (1). On the basis of certain osteological and morphological characters of the genera, the interrelationships of the Indian genera have been delineated. It is adduced that the Indian Ariidae have had two phyletic lines of evolution.Arius seems to have evolved fromOsteogeneiosus like ancestor whereasBatrachocephalus appears to be fromKetengus like fishes.Arius is much more advanced than all other Indian genera and has been able to proliferate and reach wider areas than the others. An intermediate connecting link betweenKetengus andOsteogeneiosus appears to be missing about which information is lacking at this stage.


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