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    • Nematode parasites of the slender loris,Loris tardigradus

      R V Krishnamoorthy K Srihari Hafeezur Rahaman G L Rajasekharaiah

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      Occurrence ofPhysaloptera Rud. 1819 (Syn.Chlamydonema sp.) andSubulura Molin 1860 (Syn.Allodapa sp.) in the slender Loris,Loris tardigradus, was not known thus far and this paper reports the occurrence of these two parasites. There was a 35·7% occurrence ofPhysaloptera masoodi in the stomach and a 100% occurrence ofSubulura indica in the large intestine and the vermiform appendix of 14 animals studied. WhilePhysaloptera masoodi developed in the stomach, theSubulura indica did in the appendix. Data on the size and the dimensions of these parasites are tabulated and nematode parasites in the loris and their pathogenicity to the host are discussed.


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