• G Marimuthu

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    • Communication and synchronization of circadian rhythms in insectivorous bats

      G Marimuthu M K Chandrashekaran

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      There is communication and social synchronization of the circadian rhythm in the flight activity of the microchiropteran cave-dwelling batHipposideros speoris. Thus captive bats surrounded by free-flying conspecifics synchronize their activity to the colony activity. The circadian rhythm of a solitary bat in a solitary cave freeruns. Even the rhythm of an ‘alien’ bat (Taphozous nudiventris kachhensis) held captive in the hipposiderid bat cave freeruns. But the rhythms of a closely-related species,Hipposideros fulvus partially entrain to social cues fromHipposideros speoris. Social synchronization of circadian rhythms in bats may be species-specific. This synchronization is abolished when continuous light of 10–20 lux is shone inside the natural cave.


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