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    • On reconfirming the evidence for pre-imaginal caste bias in a primitively eusocial wasp

      Raghavendra Gadagkar Seetha Bhagavan Rashmi Malpe C Vinutha

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      Caste is usually thought to be determined entirely in the adult stage in most primitively eusocial wasps and bees. A pre-imaginal caste bias has however been recently discovered in the primitively eusocial waspRopalidia marginata. This study also suggested that reigning queens and possibly other adults may influence the production of new queens and implied at least partial support to the parental manipulation or sub-fertility hypothesis for the evolution of insect sociality. The interest of these results prompted an attempt at their reconfirmation. Complete reconfirmation has now been obtained using data from an independent experiment and two additional methods of data analysis. We therefore conclude that caste is at least partly determined prior to eclosion in the primitively eusocial waspRopalidia marginata which lacks morphological differentiation between egg-layers and non-egg-layers.


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