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      Articles written in Proceedings – Animal Sciences

    • New predatory nematodes of the genusIotonchus (Iotonchidae—Mononchida) from the soils of Kerala (India)

      C Mohandas N R Prabhoo

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      Four new species of the genusIotonchus, viz.,I. nayari, I. kherai, I. khani andI. heynsi are described.I. nayari comes close toI. risoceiae but differs in having shorter body and longer spicules compared to body length.I. kherai differs fromI. indicus in body size, shape and size of buccal cavity and presence of males and fromI. risoceiae in the shape of buccal cavity and subventral opening of caudal glands.I. khani differs fromI. chantaburensis in having shorter tail, poorly developed caudal glands and spinneret and absence of distinct valve between oviduct and uterus.I. heynsi differs fromI. longicaudatus by having an indistinct terminal caudal gland opening, non-cuticularised vagina and absence of sphincter at oviduct-uterus junction and fromI. trichurus by the size and anterior position of dorsal tooth. A key to Indian species of the genusIotonchus is provided.

    • Cultural control of rice root nematodes (Hirschmanniella spp.) withSphenoclea zeylanica

      C Mohandas Y S Rao S C Sahu

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      Sphenoclea zeylanica, a non-host of rice root nematodes,Hirschmanniella spp., was found to control them to 95% within 6 weeks and 99% within 8 weeks in a heavily infested field. Water extracts of shoot and the entire plant at highest concentration were toxic toHirschmanniella oryzae at 48 hr exposure whereas that of root were not toxic. But whenH oryzae were picked into a tube where the plant was grown hydroponically, 95% of the nematodes were killed at 60 hr exposure.


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