• B P Nauriyal

      Articles written in Proceedings – Animal Sciences

    • Fecundity of a hillstream minor carpPuntius chilinoides (McClelland) from Garhwal Himalaya

      H R Singh B P Nauriyal A K Dobriyal

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      One hundred mature specimens ofP. chilinoides collected from the Badiyar gaad, a tributary of the river Alaknanda were examined for fecundity. The fish weight, ovary weight, and fecundity ranged from 25–115 g, 2·1–14·35 g, and 2135–7974 respectively. The ovary weight was found from 8·4 to 16·34% of the body weight. The relationships between fecundity and total length and weight of fish, fecundity and length, weight and volume of ovary, fish length-ovary weight, and fish weight-ovary weight were found to be of linear form.

    • Some biochemical changes in the reproductive cycle of a hill stream teleostPuntius chilinoides (McClelland)

      B P Nauriyal H R Singh

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      The protein content was highest in the ovaries ofPuntius chilinoides during the maturing stage and in the testes during the mature stage. The activity of the acid phosphatase and the number of isozymes decreased in the testes during maturation, whereas in the ovaries the activity increased during the maturation and spent stages. The alkaline phosphatase activity in the testes increased during maturation phase, while in the ovaries the highest activity of the enzyme was recorded at the maturing stage and the lowest during the mature stage. Cholesterol level in the ovaries was highest during the maturing stage, while in the testes it was noticed during the immature stage. The sugar contents in the gonads were highest at the mature stage. The results are discussed in relation to the reproductive cycle inP. Chilinoides.


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