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      Articles written in Proceedings – Animal Sciences

    • Laboratory evaluation of poison-base for the control ofFunambulus pennanti

      B K Soni I Prakash R P Mathur

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      Funambulus pennanti, the northern palm squirrel preferred wheat in its different forms out of ten cereals and oil seeds offered. It is revealed that the squirrels are selective feeders since out of eleven forms, i.e., whole, cracked, roasted and flour, wheat was found to be most palatable in seven trials followed by bajra (three trials) and jowar once. The addition of vegetable oils, salt and sugar does not enhance the bait acceptance. However, they preferred sugar in comparison to salt, and arachis and sesame oils. Wheat in its whole form is, therefore, recommended for use as a poison base for the control ofF. pennanti. In the absence of wheat, cracked bajra can also be used, which is the next preferred bait. The calorific requirement ofF. pennanti ranges from 16·18 to 34·98 k cal/100 g body weight/day when the bait is provided in single food choice.

    • Laboratory evaluation of bait base for the control of sand coloured rat,Rattus gleadowi

      Mohd Idris A P Jain B K Soni

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      SinceRattus gleadowi replacesMeriones hurrianae andTatera indica after a control operation, studies were planned on the bait preferences of this minor pest species. Results tend to reveal that bajra (Pennisetum typhoides) whole grain, bajra flour and wheat grain +2% arachis oil may be used as effective poison carriers for this sand coloured rat. Additives like sugar and salt did not improve the palatability of the candidate bait material. Average energy requirement of experimental rodents ranges from 70·9 Kj/100 g body wt/24 hr in multiple choice tests to 72·6 Kj/100 g body wt/24 hr in single choice tests.


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