• B K Senapati

      Articles written in Proceedings – Animal Sciences

    • Energetics of earthworm populations in tropical pastures from India

      B K Senapati M C Dash

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      This paper reports our results of studies connected with the energy flow in earthworm populations in an upland and a lowland pasture where grazing by large herbivores were not allowed. The net annual energy input was more than double in the lowand pasture. Flooding during the rainy season caused heavy mortality and migration of worms in lowland pasture. Higher energy consumption through respiration in the upland pasture was due to difference in environmental conditions. Lower amount of secondary production (P) and higher amount of energy utilized in respiration (R) cause an increased R:P ratio in upland pasture. Energy channelization in both the sites has been represented in box type energy flow models. Management of these pasture lands depends on the understanding of the dynamics of energy flow in these systems.

    • Population biology and reproductive strategy ofDichogaster bolaui (Oligochaeta: Octochaetidae) in two tropical agroecosystems

      S K Sahu S K Mishra B K Senapati

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      Comparative biology of the wormDichogaster bolaui (Michaelsen) in a pasture and compost pit has been reported. Important findings are: (i) restriction of more than 84% ofDichogaster bolaui population to upper 10 cm of the soil depth indicating surface living habit; (ii) attainment of a peak population of 12617 worms/m2; (iii) a zero population during summer revealing environmental drasticity (soil temperature > 31°C, soil moisture < 1 g%) and yearly recolonisation of worms; (iv) habitat variation in the reproductive strategy with an unimodality in pasture and bimodality in compost pit; and (v) preemergence of juveniles followed by post cocoon peak indicating population survival through cocoons during summer.


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