• Asok Ghosh

      Articles written in Proceedings – Animal Sciences

    • Cardiovascular effects of serotonin on the pigeonColumba livia

      D Banerjee Asok Ghosh

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      The effect of serotonin on the blood pressure and the heart rate of the pigeonColumba livia was investigated in anaesthetised condition. The effect of histamine was also investigated to understand the mechanism of action of serotonin. Serotonin and histamine were both depressors. Serotonin produced bradycardia while histamine produced tachycardia. Atropine treatment reversed the serotonin-induced depressor response but only partially blocked the histamine-induced fall in blood pressure. Atropine treatment completely abolished the serotonin-induced bradycardia but partially inhibited the histamine-induced tachycardia. A reflex vagal activity and a direct vasoconstrictor activity were proposed on the action of serotonin.

    • Effect of vitamin C on adrenomedullary hormones in gonadectomised juvenile pigeons

      Shilla Chatterjee Dhananjay Pal Asok Ghosh

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      Administration of vitamin C to juvenile castrated pigeons leads to a fall in the adrenal epinephrine level, but no significant change in the norepinephrine level is noted. Since the role of vitamin C in converting dopamine to norepinephrine is anticipated, it has been surmised that the bursa of Fabricius (thymolymphatic organ) might be responsible for the inability of these young birds to respond to vitamin C treatment.


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