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    • Insecticide induced hematological changes in pigeons

      Aditya Mandal Pulak Lahiri

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      Hematological responses of bluerock pigeon (Columba livia Gmelin) were studied after oral administration of chlordane (a cyclodiene) fenitrothion (a phosphothioate) and carbaryl (a carbamate) for one week. Comparable hematological disorders were induced by these insecticides which include reduction in total count of peripheral erythrocytes, hemoglobin content, hematocrit and total cellularity of spleen. Total count of peripheral leucocytes, on the otherhand, increased with marked heterophilia together with lymphopenia and monocytopenia. Both bleeding and clotting time became conspicuously prolonged in the experimental birds. The results indicate potential to use hematological responses for rapid on the spot assay of insecticide toxicity in non-target animals.


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