• A P Mukherji

      Articles written in Proceedings – Animal Sciences

    • Growth and metabolism of the catfishClarias batrachus (Linn.) fed with different experimental diets

      B Venkatesh A P Mukherji P K Mukhopadhyay P V Dehadrai

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      Specific growth rate and protein efficiency ratio were highest inClarias batrachus (Linn.) fed with Halver’s diet followed by fish fed with fishmeal, dried silkworm pupae, meatmeal and groundnut oilcake in decreasing order. Protein synthesis in liver was maximum in fish fed with standard test diet followed by those fed with silkworm pupae, fishmeal, meatmeal and oilcake fed fish. Intestinal protease activity was unaltered in all fishes except those on oilcake diet. Level of total serum protein of different groups of test fishes were comparable. Growth of fish and serum Ca:P ratio were positively correlated (P<0·05). The results suggest that animal protein component is a better source of protein in the diet ofClarias batrachus for satisfactory growth and that fishmeal and silkworm pupae can be incorporated in the operational diet with advantage.


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