• Volume 82, Issue 1

      July 1975,   pages  1-40

    • Organisation and characteristics of gastric chemoceptive neurons in frog brain-stem

      T Ramakrishna K N Sharma

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      Functional organisation of gastric chemoceptive projections in the brain-stem of single-pithed frogs was studied. The area between P 4·0–4·5, L 0·5–1·0 and V 0·0–0·5, has dense projections and is identifiable with fasciculus solitarius. Probit analysis of response characteristics of the parallel neurons in this area indicates that in addition to ‘across-neuron pattern’, spatio-temporal cues play an important role in conveying the quality message. Overall height of this pattern seems to indicate the intensity of the test material. The relative potency of test solutions used as stimulant is in the order: glucose > aminoacids > salt. It is suggested that the presence of glucose and aminoacids in the stomach may be important in relaying satiety signals. The fact that gastric chemoceptive afferents project to the areas of brain-stem implicated in gustatory responses is discussed in the light of oro-gastric interactions involved in food ingestion.

    • The relationship between yeasts and marine algae

      K S Patel

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      Actively growing algae contain smaller number of yeasts per g of alga than yeasts present per ml of surrounding sea-water in Gopnath coast, Gujarat. But when the algae start decomposing yeast per g of algal material increases and yeast per ml of sea-water decreases.

    • The taxonomic significance of the typology of sclereids in a few taxa of the subfamily Oleoideae of Oleaceae

      T Ananda Rao M K Manna

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      Olea, Osmanthus andLinociera of the subfamily Oleoideae constitute interesting sclereid bearing taxa. We bring to light some interesting facts regarding sclereids and illustrate their role in the confirmation of provisionally identified taxa.


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