• Volume 44, Issue 4

      October 1956,   pages  185-245

    • Recent contributions to our knowledge of the cretaceous rocks of South India

      L Rama Rao

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      The present paper gives a connected account of our present knowledge of the Cretaceous rocks of South India, with special reference to recent studies and their outstanding interest and importance in the elucidation of the geological history of India at one of its most interesting periods. This review is also helpful in revealing the vast scope there is for further exploration and research in these areas, especially in the field of micropalaeontological studies which are of such fundamental importance at the present day. It may also be pointed out that Peninsular India occupies a key position in the study of the geological history of the Southern Continents during the Cretaceous period; studies in this region will thus have a most important bearing on the correct understanding and interpretation of their mutual stratigraphical and palaeogeographical relationships, and will also undoubtedly help in the proper reconstruction of Earth History, as a whole, during the Cretaceous times.


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