• Volume 18, Issue 6

      December 1943,   pages  133-158

    • Studies on the corpus luteum inRhinobatus granulatus CUV

      Mary Samuel

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      1. A detailed description of the histology and development of the corpus luteum inR. granulatus from a very early stage upto the formation of a solid glandular body is given.

      2. All the three elements of the follicular wall of the ruptured Graffian follicle,viz., follicular epithelium, theca interna and theca externa take part in the final formation of the corpus luteum.

      3. The luteal cells are shown to be formed by the hypertrophy of the cells of the follicular epithelium and the theca interna. The mixed origin of the luteal cells is described in a lower vertebrate for the first time.

      4. The histological differentiation which takes place in the cells of the theca interna during their transformation into luteal cells is described in detail.

      5. The theca externa forms both the enveloping sheath and the supporting framework of the fully developed corpus luteum. There is an extensive invasion of connective tissue elements of the theca externa carrying blood vessels and free thecal cells into the luteal tissue.

      6. It has also been shown that degenerative changes set in very late. The close analogy between the formation of the corpus luteum in the Elasmobranchs and the mammals is pointed out.

    • Errata

      Inderjit Singh

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