• Volume 16, Issue 2

      August 1942,   pages  26-51

    • Improvement of brinjals (Solanum Melongena, L.) by selection in the Bombay province

      G S Cheema B Nazareth S R Dhareshwar

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      Very little work has been done in India on the improvement of the brinjal crop by selection. In the Province of Bombay this work was started in the rabi season of 1931 and was financed by the Sir Sassoon David Trust Fund. Various collections of samples of brinjals cultivated in different tracts of the Bombay Province were made and studied in detail for their fruit and plant characters. As a result of these studies the various brinjal types have been grouped under 11 classes with several horticultural forms in each. Gammie and Mollison have grouped all brinjals under three classes only.

      Promising selections have been isolated and their behaviour has been further studied for their purity and other characters. Selections from the Gote and the Dorli varieties only were compared with their respective local varieties, in the Fisher’s randomization method. These trials were made for four seasons. Gote selection No. 24–21 gave significant results during the two years of trial. This strain bears fruits of uniform medium size and has attractive colour and lustre.

    • Erratum

      N Krishnaswami G N Rangaswami Ayyangar

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