• Volume 12, Issue 3

      September 1940,   pages  1-94

    • Errata

      Shri Ranjan V R Jha

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    • Important insect predators of India

      Khan A Rahman

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    • Two new species of avian trematodes

      B S Chauhan

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    • The arterial system of the pond-turtle,Lissemys punctata (Bonnaterre)

      Brahma Swarup Kaushiva

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      The author gives a detailed description of the arterial system of the Pond-TurtleLissemys punctata. The following are the more important new features discovered by him:

      1. The left carotid and subclavian arteries are much longer than the right ones, the asymmetry being probably due to the position of the heart to the right of the base of the neck.

      2. TheRamus anastomoticus (Arteria spinalis) of the common carotid artery enters the spinal canal through two inter-vertebral foramina, and not through one, as described in other turtles.

      3. The muscles of the pectoral arch are supplied by a branch of theaxillary artery, and not of the brachial artery.

      4. Thecœliac artery is represented by three separate branches of the left systemic trunk.

      5. Theaortic union is not formed by a transverse anastomosis, but by the actual coming together of the two systemics. It is situated very much posteriorly, the dorsal aorta being, consequently, extremely abbreviated.

      6. Thedorsal aorta is not prolonged behind to form the caudal artery.

      7. Thedorsal aorta gives rise to a pair ofrenal arteries, a pair ofvertebral arteries, and a pair ofplastral arteries.

      8. TheArteria mammaria recurrens interna does not open posteriorly into the iliac artery.


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