• Volume 10, Issue 6

      December 1939,   pages  293-376

    • A systematic account of some South Indian diatoms

      G Venkataraman

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    • Study in diseases of fish: Fin-rot—A bacterial disease of fins of fish

      Hamid Khan

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      1. Study of fin-rot, a bacterial disease of the fins of fish, has been made by inoculation of healthy Rainbow trout fry with the disease from diseased Gourami (Osphromenus gourämy Lacépède) fingerlings.

      2. The Rainbow trout fry infected with the disease died within 70–118 hours after inoculation and 50 to 55 hours after the first externally visible symptoms of the disease.

      3. Preparations from the diseased Gourami and infected Rainbow trout fry show exactly similar causative organism, which is a rod-shaped bacterium, present in large number in the infected tissues.

      4. Overcrowding, dirty and muddy water aggravates the disease.

      5. Copper sulphate solution (1–20,000) bath for 10 to 15 minutes has been found to cure the fry in early stages of the disease. It is impossible to cure fish in advanced stages of the disease, and all such fish should be destroyed before adopting any control measures.

      6. Fry of indigenous fish such as Rohu (Labeo rohita H.B.) and Morakha (Cirrhina mrigala H.B.) have been found to be immune to fin-rot.


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