• Volume 10, Issue 3

      September 1939,   pages  221-235

    • Compounds of phosphorus in milk—I

      B N Acharya S C Devadatta

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    • Phosphorus, calcium and magnesium in milk—II

      B N Acharya S C Devadatta

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      In conclusion, it may be said that the portion of milk insoluble in acid is mostly casein which had adsorbed some ions of calcium and magnesium The portion soluble in acid but insoluble in water consists of tricalcium and magnesium phosphates and organic phosphorus. Scum which is collected after heating the milk is derived both from the acid-insoluble and from the acid-soluble portions. On dialysis some acid-insoluble portion becomes water soluble. The water-soluble portion of milk consists of acid phosphates of calcium and magnesium. The amounts of phosphorus, calcium and magnesium present in water, acid-soluble and insoluble fractions—and in scum of 100 c.c. of milk are recorded.


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