• Volume 9, Issue 1

      July 1977,   pages  1-92

    • Some properties of indium-tin oxide films

      M C Radhakrishna M Ramakrishna Rao

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      Thin films of indium-tin oxide have been deposited by DC diode sputtering from an indium-tin alloy target in an argon, hydrogen and oxygen atmosphere. Films with sheet resistance of 11 ohms/square and 80% light transmission have been obtained. The effect of cathode composition and gas mixture on sheet resistance and optical transmission properties of the films have been studied.

    • Microscopic theory of particle-hole states

      Y R Waghmare

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      A self-consistent procedure for calculating the particle-hole states of nuclei is given. This has been applied to the levels of16O nucleus. The particle-hole interaction is derived using Landau theory. The basis states are generated using the Brueckner many-body theory, and used in the random-phase-approximation calculation. The sensitivity of the 3- state at 6.13 MeV with the interaction is discussed, the other states being reasonably insensitive to such a choice. The effect of renormalization of the particle-hole interaction, on various states is also discussed.

    • Universality in weak interactions—The cabibbo suppression

      P P Divakaran

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      An SU3 gauge model of weak interactions, which generates the Cabibbo suppression spontaneously and consistently, is presented. Out of the eight currents, a triplet couples to relatively light gauge bosons and satisfies the commutation relations of the SU2-universality algebra of Gell-Mann. The other five couple to necessarily very massive gauge bosons. The leptons have a realistic mass spectrum and the (bare) quarks are massless. The theory as it stands does not encompass charm and cannot suppress strangeness changing neutral currents; both these deficiencies require a larger gauge group for their correction.

    • Inelasticity effects inππ production inγγ collisions

      T Chandramohan K B Sinha P Achuthan

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      The inelasticity effects in the production of pion pairs in the processγγππ for real photons are investigated using the partial wave dispersion relations. The total cross sections for different photon helicities are calculated. It is observed that this process is dominated by theππ final state interaction. A prediction for S* (997) →γγ decay width is also made.

    • Cross sections of in the centre-of-mass energy interval 1850–2160 MeVin the centre-of-mass energy interval 1850–2160 MeV

      D P Goyal A V Sodhi

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      Cross-sections for are reported in the centre-of-mass energy interval 1850–2160 MeV. The data come from a deuterium bubble chamber experiment atK beam momenta of 1.45 and 1.65 GeV/c. Taking into account the Fermi motion of the neutron in the deuteron, this momentum range corresponds to the centre-of-mass energy interval of 1850–2160 MeV.

    • Probability distributions of the fractional differences of the structure amplitudes and intensities of two related crystals

      V Parthasarathi S Parthasarathy

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      The probability distributions of the fractional intensities and amplitudes of x-ray reflections from a pair of imperfectly related structures are derived when both the structures satisfy the requirements of a given type of basic Wilson distribution. These two distributions are used to obtain theoretical expressions for 2 new fractional type ofR-indices which are expected to be useful in the final stages of refinement. The theoretical distributions are also used to deduce some theoretical distributions which are useful as tests for centrosymmetry via the random permutation method. The theoretical values of the relevant semi-cumulative functions are also tabulated.

    • Timelike and null geodesics in the Nordström field

      Naresh Dadhich P P Kale

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      The timelike and null geodesics are investigated in the Nordström geometry and it is found that incoming geodesics always encounter a turning point at a finite radial distance. The limits for escape, bound and stable orbits are obtained and they are closer to the source as compared to their counterparts in the Schwarzschild’s field.

    • Fragmentation cross-section of relativistic oxygen ions and determination of overlap parameter

      Satya Dev Verma

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      Fragmentation cross-section of16O relativistic ions, at two different energies, was measured in CsI crystal. An experiment designed basically to study primary cosmic ray nuclei, was exposed to monoenergetic beam of16O ions of bevatron. Fragmentation of the ions was observed in a two layer CsI target. Each CsI crystal was 1 inch thick.

      The main energy of the beam was 2.1 GeV/nucleon. A subsidiary beam of 0.5 GeV/nucleon oxygen-ions was created for this experiment alone. The number of fragmentations occurring in each crystal was used to obtain the total fragmentation cross-section at these energies. The Bradt-Peters overlap parameter was derived from these cross-sections.

    • Glauber amplitudes for transitions from low lying states in hydrogen atom by charged particle impact

      S Kumar M K Srivastava

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      The Glauber amplitudes for the general transitionnlm→n’l’m’ in charged particle hydrogen atom collisions have been obtained in the form of a one-dimensional integral. The final expression involves only a few hypergeometric functions ifn is not too large and is particularly suited to study excitation to highly excited states from a low lying state.

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