• Volume 1, Issue 5

      November 1973,   pages  209-242

    • A study of the variable moment of inertia models

      Nazakat Ullah

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      The variable moment of inertia (VMI) model proposed by Holmberg and Lipas has been shown to be a special case of the VMI model of Mariscottiet al. The solution of Mariscotti’s model is expressed in terms of hypergeometric functions, which directly give the rotational energies or their expansions in terms of the quantityF(F+1), whereF is the total angular momentum. The present way of looking at the VMI model also tells us how to write the general dependence of the vibrational energy and the moment of inertia on the energyEJ.

    • Interatomic and intra-atomic electron correlation in narrow band solids

      I S Tyagi S K Joshi

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      Effect of interatomic electron correlation has been studied in narrow band solids using one-particle Green function method. We follow Hubbard in drawing an analogy with an alloy and find a self-consistent solution which predicts a finite lifetime for pseudoparticles. A specific case of a (non-magnetic) model system with half-filled parabolic band has been considered to calculate the pseudoparticle density of states function. Unlike the result in the presence of intra-atomic correlations alone, we find that this particular system is never an insulator, however large intra-atomic correlations may be.

    • X-ray study of some spinels containing gallium and manganese

      P D Bhalerao D K Kulkarni V G Kher

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      The ternary oxides CrMnGaO4, NiMnGaO4, CuMnGaO4 and ZnMnGaO4, crystallize in the cubic spinel structure with lattice parametera=8.41±0.02 Å, 8.34±0.02 Å, 8.36±0.02 Å and 8.32±0.02 Å, respectively. The oxidation state of manganese in these spinels was determined x-ray spectroscopically. The site distribution was determined from the structural properties and calculated site preference energies of cations in the lattice. The ionic structures were found to be Ga3+ [Mn2+ Cr3+] O42−. Ga3+ [Cu2+ Mn3+] O42−, Mn2+ [Ga3+ Ni3+] O42− and Zn2+ [Mn3+ Ga3+] O42−.

    • Volume and surface polarization of electrets

      M R Bhiday U Gupta M Ranade S Rao

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      An attempt is made, to obtain mathematical relations correlating the volume and surface effects of the dielectric to those of the electrical impedance of the dielectric system exhibited in the presence of a quasistatic sinusoidal electrical field. A new experiment is described to differentiate clearly the two types of polarizations in an electret.

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