• Volume 91, Issue 2

      July 1982,   pages  73-165

    • The fundamental group-scheme

      Madhav V Nori

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    • Couette flow of a non-homogeneous fluid

      K N Venkatasiva Murthy K Ponnuraj

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      The two dimensional Couette flow of a non-homogeneous viscous fluid is studied. The plane boundaries of the channel are maintained at different temperatures. The upper plane moves with a uniform horizontal velocity and the lower plane is at rest. The fluid is subjected to suction and injection at the boundaries. Thesteady equations are solved by introducing similarity variables which are expanded in series of powers of a small stratification parameter. The non-linear theory predicts that the temperature depends on the distancex from the throat section, an observation which is not predicted by the linear theory. The non-linear effects on velocity and temperature are studied. The rate of heat transfer is discussed.

    • Arithmetic lattices in semisimple groups

      M S Raghunathan

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    • Scattering of impulsive elastic waves b a fluid cylinder

      B K Rajhans K M Agrawal

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      We consider the scattering of impulsive sv waves by a fluid circular cylinder. The cylinder is embedded in an unbounded isotropic homogeneous elastic medium and it is filled with some acoustic fluid. The line source, generating the incident pulse is situated outside the cylinder parallel to its axis. We investigate the problem by the method of dual integral transformation as developed by Friedlander. The resulting integrals are evaluated approximately to obtain the short time estimate of the motion near the wave-front in the illuminated region of the elastic medium. We also interpret the approximate solution in terms of geometrical optics.

    • The wall jet flow of a conducting gas over a permeable surface in the presence of a variable transverse magnetic field

      J L Bansal M L Gupta S S Tak

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      The effects of the magnetic field, Mach number and the permeability parameter on the wall jet flow (radial or plane) of an electrically conducting gas spreading over a permeable surface have been investigated. Taking the Prandtl number of the fluid as unity and assuming a linear relationship between viscosity and temperature, it is found that similar solutions for the velocity distribution exist for a specified distribution of the normal velocity along the wall and the corresponding distribution of the transverse magnetic field. Previous non-magnetic flow results have been improved by adopting a new and simple transformation of variables.

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