• Fecundity and its role in racial studies ofGudusia chapra (Pisces: Clupeidae)

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      Fish fecundity; Gudusia chapra ; racial studies

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      The fecundity study of 80 specimens ofG. chapra from both the Keetham lake and the Ganga river system in and around Allahabad reveals that (i) the bigger-sized fish had relatively more ovarian eggs and the average fecundity value of different length and weight groups showed direct proportionate increase with the increase of the fish size. The number of eggs also proportionately increased with increase in the weight of the ovary, (ii) the two ovaries together accounted for 2·15 to 14·87% of the total weight of the fish, average being 5·67%, (iii) the average number of eggs per gm weight of fish and per 100 mg weight of the ovary were calculated to be as 947 and 1707 respectively, (iv) the various relationships involving fecundity—fish length,—fish weight and—ovary weight were found to be linear of the formy=a+bx, the linearity showed significant at 1% level, and (v) the differences were found in the mean fecundity number and the egg size between the two populations, the Keetham fish had more number of eggs of relatively smaller size than the Ganga which had less number of larger-sized ones. Thet test between the two mean fecundity showed significant difference at 5% level.

    • Author Affiliations


      S L Chondar1 2

      1. Department of Zoology, Agra College, Agra - 282 002
      2. Inland Fisheries Training Centre of the Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Barrackpore via Calcutta
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