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    • Keywords


      Pollen Tube; Reverse Polarity; Female Gametophyte; Male Gametophyte; Megaspore Mother Cell

    • Abstract


      Embryo sac development conforms to Polygonum type. Starch grains are noticed in the embryo sac right from the megaspore mother cell stage. Twin tetrads one with a chalazal functional megaspore and another with a micropylar functional megaspore have been noticed in some ovules. While 75% of the embryo sacs have normal polarity, in 20% of the ovules reverse polarity has been noticed. In the remaining 5% of the ovules, ‘bipolarity’ has been observed. Reverse polarity in relation to double archegoniate theory has been discussed.

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      S Sundara Rajan1 G Shivaramaiah1 N Sathyananda1

      1. Department of Botany, St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore - 560001
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