• The floral anatomy of the rare apostasias:Apostasia species

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      Ovary Wall; Petal Trace; Floral Anatomy; Outer Whorl; Middle Ring

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      Apostasia, one of the 3 genera of the interesting family Apostasiaceae, has altogether 4 species, but two of themA. parvula Schltr. andA. nipponica Masamune are of very limited distribution, the former being confined to certain parts of Borneo, and the latter being, endemic to Ryukyus. Of the two remaining species,A. wallichii R. Br. was studied by the present author earlier (Rao, 1969). This paper deals with the floral vasculature ofA. odorata Bl., and makes a comparison with that ofA. wallichii. Except for the fact that two of the petal traces bear the traces for the functional stamens, the former are unbranched. The overlapping margins of both sepals and petals are supplied by branching lateral traces of the sepal strands. There is a staminode which gets its vascular supply as a branch from one of the sepal traces. The androecium is represented by two functional stamens and a staminode. The latter belongs to the outer whorl while the stamens belong to the inner whorl of the androecium.

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      V S Rao1

      1. Botany Department, Andhra University, Waltair (A.P.)
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