• Contribution to the embryology ofChaenorrhinum Minus (L.) Lange

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      Female Gametophyte; Megaspore Mother Cell; Antipodal Cell; Linear Tetrad; Primary Endosperm Nucleus

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      The paper reports on an embryological investigation ofChaenorrhinum minus. The development of the female gametophyte is of the Polygonum type. The antipodal cells degenerate early. The endosperm isab initio cellular. The chalazal haustorium is unicellular and binucleate, although occasionally a uninucleate state occurs. No micropylar haustorium is organized. The persistent, thick-walled endothelial cells contribute to the 4–5-layered seed coat. The findings have been evaluated in the light of previous work on the tribe Antirrhineae.

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      Govindappa D Arekal1

      1. Department of Botany, Central College, Bangalore
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