• Studies on hyphomycetes—II - Cordella

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      Type Material; Type Specimen; Moca; Emend; Diagrammatic Sketch

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      This paper presents the results of a taxonomic study of some species ofCordella, a genus established by Spegazzini in 1886 for two species:C. coniosporioides Speg. andC. spinulosa Speg. On the basis of study of type materialC. coniosporioides is considered to be aPapularia; this may be indistinguishable fromP. vinosa (Berk. & Curt.) Mason.Cordella spinulosa is chosen lectotype species of the genus and to meet the requirements of proper typification, an emended generic diagnosis is given.Cordella is considered to provide the earliest generic name available for the type species of the generaMelanographium Sacc.,Sporosta hys Sacc. andPseudocamptoum Frag. & Cif.Cordella tomentosa Speg. is provisionally retained inCordella. Type material ofC. chætomioides Speg. revealed only aChætomium and it is suggested that the name may be rejected.Cordella magna Speg. is considered to be aLacellina and the new combinationLacellina magna (Speg.) Subram. is proposed for this fungus.Melanographium fasciculatum Hughes is transferred toCordella asC. fasciculata (Hughes) Subram.

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      C V Subramanian1

      1. Department of Botany, University of Rajasthan, Jodhpur
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