• Additions to the genusHansfordiella

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      Type Specimen; Apical Part; Nomen Nudum; Mycelial Hyph; Mycelium Superficiale

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      On the basis of a study of type material,Brachysporium bakeri Sydow andB. harunganæ Hansford are excluded from the genusBrachysporium Sacc., as typified by its lectotype species,B. obovatum (Berk.) Sacc.B. bakeri andB. harunganæ are considered to be congeneric withHansfordiella asterinearum Hughes, the type species of the genusHansfordiella and are transferred to that genus asH. bakeri (Sydow) Subram. andH. harunganæ (Hansf.) Subram., respectively. It is suggested thatHelminthosporium ?Puttemansii Arnaud (nomen nudum) may be aHansfordiella. A key to the five species ofHansfordiella is appended.

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      C V Subramanian1

      1. University Botany Laboratory, Madras 5
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