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      Atomic Number; Oscillator Strength; Heavy Element; Lamb Shift; High Term

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      The wavelengths of$$K_{\alpha _1 } , K_{\alpha _2 } , K_{\beta _1 } , K_{\beta _2 } , K_{\beta _2 } I and K_{\beta _2 } II$$ lines of heavy elements of atomic number 70–92 and the associated energy levels, K, LII, LIII, MII, MIII, NII and NIII have been calculated using a modified form of the relativistic energy formula of Sommerfeld, incorporating in it both the total and internal screening constants in a closed form. All the field theoretical corrections in the second and the fourth order as well as the finite nuclear size correction have been included.

      The relative intensities$$K_{\alpha _2 } /K_{\alpha _1 } , K_{\beta _2 } / K_{\beta _1 } , and K_{\beta _2 } II/K_{\beta _2 } I$$ have been calculated with relativistic wavefunctions. In addition to the retradation and screening, field theoretical corrections have also been used. A logical extension of the one electron-model with application of the field theoretical corrections improves the calculated results of not only the energy levels but also the relative intensities of X-ray lines.

    • Author Affiliations


      T V Krishnan1 Amar Nath Nigam2

      1. Spectroscopy Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay, Bombay
      2. Physics Department, H. B. Technological Institute, Kanpur
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