• Spectrophotometric and potentiometric investigations of copper (II)-Ethanolamine complexes - Part III. diethanolamine (Gaussian analysis of electronic spectra in mono and diethanolamine systems)

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    • Keywords


      Stability Constant; Diethanolamine; Distorted Octahedron; Pure Complex; Ionic Strength Dependence

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      Spectrophotometric and potentiometric investigations have been carried out on copper-diethanolamine system. Job plots at 900, 900 and 580 mμ have indicated the formation of CuD++, CuD2++ and CuD3++. Then- pA curves obtained indicate the formation of CuD++, CuD2++, CuD3++, CuDOH+, CuD2OH+ and CuD3OH+. Then- pA curves have been analyzed to obtain the stability constants of these complexes. Absorption curves of pure complexes have been computed by a graphical method. Gaussian analysis of the absorption curves of pure and hydroxy complexes show the presence of a second band, indicating that the structure is that of a distorted octahedron.

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      S Mahapatra1 2 R S Subrahmanya1

      1. Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore-12
      2. Regional Research Laboratory, Bhubaneswar-4, Orissa
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