• Alkylation and aralkylation of N-heterocycles - IV. Methylation and benzylation of 5 (or 6)-nitro benzimidazoles

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      Benzimidazole; Hydrogen Sulphide; Benzyl Chloride; Polyphosphoric Acid; Quaternary Salt

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      Methylation and benzylation of 5 (or 6)-nitro benzimidazoles have been carried out under, uniform conditions and the structures of the products obtained have been established by comparison with authentic samples prepared by standard methods. In each case a mixture of 1, 5- and 1, 6-isomers has been obtained, the former being comparatively in larger proportion. The results are explained on the basis of tautomer stabilisation by and the deactivating influence of nitro group.

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      K Kondal Reddy1 N V Subba Rao1

      1. Department of Chemistry, Osmania University, Hyderabad-7
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