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      Metal Atom; Pure Metal; Energy Side; Emission Edge; Selenium Atom

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      X-ray absorption study of two intermetallic compounds MnSe2 and CoSe2 has been carried out using a Cauchois type bent crystal spectrograph. The metal K absorption edges in both the compounds are found to shift toward the high energy side with respect to the discontinuities in the pure metals. On the other hand, the Se K absorption edge in both these compounds is found to shift toward the lower energies. Emission study of the compound MnSe2 has shown that the Mn Kβ5 band in this compound is shifted toward the high energy side with respect to that in the pure metal. From the magnetic data and the results obtained in this work it is possible to obtain the chemical bonding pictures in these compounds. For MnSe2 the bondings sp3d2 for the metal atom andsp3 for the metalloid atom have been suggested. For CoSe2 the bondings appear to bed2sp3 for the metal atom andsp3 for the metalloid atom. These bondings are compatible with the pyrite type structure of these compounds. It is possible to explain the electrical behaviour of the compounds on the basis of these bonding pictures.

    • Author Affiliations


      Chintamani Mande1 2 A S Nigavekar1

      1. Department of Physics, Poona University, Poona-7, India
      2. Department of Physics, Nagpur University, Nagpur
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