• Rotational analysis of some bands of C1Σu+-X1Σg+ system of P2 molecule involving lowν′,ν″ values

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      Rabie; Discharge Tube; Rotational Constant; Vacuum Ultraviolet; Rotational Structure

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      Ten ultraviolet bands of the C1Σu+-X1Σg+ system of P2 involving lowv′ andv″ values have been photographed at dispersion of 0·38 and 0·56 Å/mm. and analysed for their rotational structure. While four of these bands were analysed earlier, six of them,viz., 0–10, 1–12, 2–7, 2–14, 4–8 and 6–9 have been analysed for the first time during the present studies. The rotational constants, BvS with lowv″ quantum numbers are obtained from which value of Bθ has been derived. The value of Bθ is found to be in agreement with the value obtained by Douglas and Rao from their study of A1Πg-X1Σg+ bands of P2.

      Earlier findings on the perturbation ofν′=2 level of the C1Σu+ state have been confirmed from the analysis of the 2–7, 2–14 and 2–15 bands. Theν00 values of the bands show large deviations from the expected values.

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      M N Dixit1

      1. Spectroscopy Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Modular Laboratories, Trombay, Bombay-74
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