• Chemical examination of the leaves ofDiospyros melanoxylon Roxb.

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      Triterpene; Thionyl Chloride; Betulinic Acid; Betulin; Lupeol

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      The leaves ofDiospyros melanoxylon Roxb. growing in Mysore, have been shown to contain ceryl alcohol, lupeol, betulin,β-sitosterol, sequoyitol, a new triterpene alcohol, m.p. 212–13°, and a new triterpene carboxylic acid named diospyric acid, m.p. 272–74°.

      Note (Correction added at the proof stage.)—When this paper is under print, a note has appeared from Rowet al. (Row, L. R., Rao, C. S. and Ramaiah, T. S.,Curr. Sci., 1964,33, 367), wherein it is stated that lupeol and betulin occur along with betulinic acid in the ebony ofD. melanoxylon also.

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      R K Gupta1 2 P S Rao1

      1. Forest Research Laboratory, Bangalore
      2. Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar (U.P.)
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