• Cathode-ray display of digital computer outputs

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      Deflection Plate; Analog Converter; Ring Counter; Logical Diagram; Character Display

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      A system in which the output of a digital computer is displayed as an arbitrary character on a memotron tube is described. Two sequences of pulses, each consisting of 25 pulses equally spaced in time, each either positive or negative, and all of equal magnitude, are applied to X and Y counters. Each pulse either increases or decreases the contents of the counters by one. The digital data in each counter are then converted to analog data which is applied to the deflection plates of the tube. Eight types of basic lines are traced on the screen and the characters are built out of these basic lines by continuously tracing them one after another in the proper sequence. Details of linking the system with an existing computer are described. Some advantages of the system are: (a) it does not involve any critical and complicated adjustments, (b) the shape of characters can be easily changed, (c) the operation of the system is mainly digital, and (d) the character is written as a continuous trace.

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      P V S Rao1

      1. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay
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