• Conductometric determination of a few physico-chemical constants of murexide

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      Ionic Mobility; Infinite Dilution; Equivalent Conductance; Murexide; Cerium Chloride

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      Conductance measurements of murexide or ammonium purpurate solutions were made at 30° + 0.05°C. using a Serfass conductivity bridge. Ostwald’s dilution law was found to be inapplicable; equivalent conductance at infinite dilution and the classical and thermodynamic dissociation constants were computed by various methods applicable for systems involving ion association. The following physico-chemical constants of murexide were calculated :-

      1. Thermodynamic dissociation constant.

      2. Ionic mobility of purpurate ion.

      3. Ionic rasius.

      4. Diffusion coefficient.

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      N A Ramaiah1 R K Chaturvedi1

      1. Department of Physical Chemistry, National Sugar Institute, Kanpur
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