• Emission spectrum of bismuth monochloride - Part I. The vibrational analysis of the 6170–4220 Å system

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      Bismuth; Dissociation Energy; Isotopic Shift; Discharge Tube; Band System

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      Bismuth chloride has been excited in flowing condition with an uncondensed transformer discharge. About 390 bands are observed in the present experiments of which only 140 were recorded by earlier workers. The vibrational constants obtained are the same as those obtained by Morgan from obsorption experiments except for the addition of a cubic term for the upper state. It appears quite likely that the upper state of the system dissociates into Bi (4S3/2) + Cl (2P1/2) while the lower state, which is probably the ground state, dissociates into Bi (4S3/2) + Cl (2P3/2). The rough values of the dissociation energies obtained by extrapolations are D0′=3750 cm.−1 and D0″=24614 cm.−1

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      Putcha Venkateswarlu1 Baij Nath Khanna1

      1. Department of Physics, Muslim University, Aligarh
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