• The near ultraviolet emission spectrum of tetralin (tetrahydronaphthalene)

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      Emission Spectrum; Rabies; Discharge Tube; Tetralin; Quartz Window

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      An emission spectrum of tetralin (tetrahydronaphthalene) in the near ultraviolet excited by a transformer discharge through flowing vapour has been studied and about twenty-nine bands in emission have been photographed and measured on suitable instruments. Vibrational analysis of the bands in terms of the fundamental frequencies of the molecule is proposed and is compared with those obtained in the corresponding absorption spectrum of tetrahydronaphthalene studied by the author.2 The results afford further confirmation of the correctness of the analysis and particularly the assignment of the (0,0) band proposed in the absorption spectrum of the molecule.

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      R N Bapat1

      1. Physics Department, College of Science, Nagpur
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