• Measurement of ionospheric drift at Ahmedabad from fading patterns of reflections on 2·6 and 4·0 Mc./s. (23° 02′ N; 72° 38′ E)

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    • Keywords


      Drift Speed; Drift Direction; Wind Rose; Drift Vector; Fading Pattern

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      Results of observations of ionospheric drift carried out over a period of 15 months at Ahmedabad on 2·6 Mc./s. and 4·0 Mc./s. by the spaced aerial method are presented in this paper. The prevailing day-time drift was towards north-west in autumn and winter. In summer, and to a less marked degree in spring and autumn, the morning direction of drift was towards east or south-east. The evening direction was always towards north-west. During the night hours, the direction of drift were more spreadout, but the most frequent directions were still towards north-west and southeast. The speeds lay mostly in the range 40–100 m./s. and the mean speed was larger in winter than in summer. The Ahmedabad results are compared with those at other places.

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      R Sethuraman1

      1. Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad
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