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      Halogen; Diatomic Molecule; Halogen Atom; Closed Shell; Polyatomic Molecule

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      The overlap factors for bond electrons in various diatomic halides are calculated making use of a simple relation where the overlap factor is an inverse exponential function of the difference between the two atomic radii of the molecule concerned. These overlap factors together with the hybridization values of 15 percent for Cl, and 10 percent for Br and I are used to calculate the ionic characters for various diatomic molecules from the values of the nuclear quadrupole coupling constants obtained by earlier workers. These ionic characters are then plotted against electronegativity differences and the points are found to be fairly well represented by a smooth curve. It is shown that this curve can in general be used for the determination of the ionic characters in the halogen containing single bonds of certain polyatomic molecules. The quadrupole coupling constants are calculated from the ionic characters obtained from the curve and are compared with those observed. The effects of the distortion of the closed shells and of the neighbouring ions oneQq are discussed.

    • Author Affiliations


      Putcha Venkateswarlu1 T S Jaseja1

      1. Department of Physics, Muslim University, Aligarh
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