• A new synthesis of thiophenes and thiapyrans - Part VII. Bromothionaphthenes and 5-nitrothionaphthene

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      Sulphide; Phosphorus Pentoxide; Bath Temp; Picrate; Yellow Needle

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      5-Bromothionaphthene and 7-bromothionaphthene were prepared by the cyclization ofp-bromophenylω-dimethoxyethyl sulphide ando-bromophenylω-dimethoxyethyl sulphide respectively.

      The new synthesis of thionaphthene may also be extended to negatively substituted thionaphthenes as shown by the synthesis of 5-nitrothionaphthene (VI) by the ring-closure ofp-nitrophenylω-dimethoxyethyl sulphide (V).o-Nitrophenylω-dimethoxyethyl sulphide could not be cyclized by the usual method. 5-Aminothionaphthene andp-aminophenylω-dimethoxyethyl sulphide were obtained by the reduction of (VI) and (V) respectively.

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      K Rabindran1 A V Sunthankar1 B D Tilak1

      1. Department of Chemical Technology, University of Bombay, India
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