• Synthetic experiments in the benzo-pyrone series - Part XVII. Some isoflavono-7:8-furans

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      Acetic Anhydride; Thionyl Chloride; Furan Ring; Sodium Ethoxide; Anhydrous Potassium Carbonate

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      Two methods of synthesising isoflavonofurans of the angular type are examined. Starting from karanjic acid (VI) and passing through the intermediate (X), 2-methyl-isoflavono-7:8-furan (XI) is easily obtained. The alternative method which starts with 2-methyl-7-hydroxy-isoflavone (XII) and builds up the furan ring through the 8-aldehyde (XIII) is beset with difficulties. However if instead of the aldehyde, the corresponding ketone (8-acetyl derivative XVII) is employed the difficulties are eliminated and good yield of 2:β-dimethyl-isoflavono-7:8-furan (XIX) is secured.

      Our thanks are due to the Imperial Chemical Industries, Ltd., and the National Institute of Sciences of India for the award of a Fellowship to one of us (L. R. R.).

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      L Ramachandra Row1 T R Seshadri1

      1. From the Departments of Chemistry, Andhra and Delhi Universities, India
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