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      Neutral Particle; Radioactive Contamination; Frequency Histogram; Single Track; Probable Hypothesis

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      Photographic plates exposed at high altitudes show a population of stars and isolated single tracks. Statistics are given covering 288 stars and 655 isolated tracks found in an area of 17 sq. cm. Some tracks are closely associated with the stars, and these have a mean range of 4·1 cm. air. The remainder, which show no association with stars, have a mean range of 3·4cm. air. Some stars have more than one associated single track. Alternative explanations are discussed. The most probable hypothesis appears to be that the single tracks are due to the spontaneous disintegration of unstable neutral particles emitted from the stars.

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      H J Taylor1 H J Bhabha1 R R Daniel1 J R Heeramaneck1 M S Swami1 G S Shrikantia1

      1. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay
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