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      Salicylaldehyde; Potassium Permanganate; Orange Colour; Methyl Alcohol; Phenylacetamide

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      Salicylaldehyde-amide condensations always produced the salicylidene-monoamides and the highest yield was always obtained in the presence of pyridine.7 The 5-chlorosalicylaldehyde and the 3 ∶ 5-dichlorosalicylaldehyde gave the best yield usually when heated alone; the product was almost always the-bis in the case of the latter, and generally so in the case of the former. The condensations with cinnamamide gave a quicker and a higher yield, it being quantitative in the case of the dichlorosalicylaldehyde. As before a temperature slightly higher than that of the water-bath produced generally a better yield in the last two amide condensations.

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      Ram Ghulam Singh Nigam1 Kantilal C Pandya1

      1. Chemistry Laboratory, St. John’s College, Agra
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