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      Flavone; Baicalein; Acacetin; Dimethyl Sulphate; Potassium Persulphate

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      Apigenin does not undergo persulphate oxidation satisfactorily. But acacetin, its monomethyl ether and analogous higher members do so. By the methylation of the products (quinols) the fully methylated ethers of isoscutellarein, 8-hydroxyluteolin and 8-hydroxytricetin could be readily obtained. Demethylation of the quinols or their methyl ethers with aluminium chloride is not successful. Boiling with hydriodic acid produces isomeric change yielding conveniently scutellarein and the higher members. 6-Hydroxy-tricetin and its derivatives are newly described.

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      K Visweswara Rao1 T R Seshadri1 N Viswanadham1

      1. Department of Chemistry, Andhra University, Waltair
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