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      Benzamide; Salicylaldehyde; Propionamide; Product Melting; Monoamide

    • Abstract


      5-Chloro- and 3 ∶ 5-dichlorosalicylaldehydes have been condensed with different amides under different conditions. In contrast with the_-mono-amides obtained in all the salicylaldehyde-amide condensations,7 the monochlorosalicylaldehyde gave monoamides with only three amides, of which one, benzamide, gave the bis- product as well. The 3 ∶ 5-dichlorosalicylaldehyde gave the monoamide only once, in its condensation with benzenesulphonamide: for all the rest the-bis product was the usual rule. This may be one of the effects of the chlorine on the aromatic ring of the aldehyde. Except in one case the yields in the dichlorosalicylaldehyde-amides condensations were all higher than those of the monochloro-aldehyde-amide condensations, reaching, in condensations with propionamide and benzenesulphonamide, the quantitative limits. Usually the highest yields were obtained at 100–110° and in the absence of any condensing agent.

    • Author Affiliations


      Ram Ghulam Singh Nigam1 Kantilal C Pandya1

      1. Chemistry Laboratory, St. John’s College, Agra
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