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      Water Vapour; Hysteresis Loop; Sorptive Capacity; Hysteresis Effect; Silicate Solution

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      The effect of variation of the temperature of precipitation of gels of hydrous oxides of silica, titania and alumina on the hysteresis effect in the sorption of water vapour has been studied at 30°C. Gels have been obtained by precipitating the hydrous oxides at 25°C. and 100°C. with previous boiling of the silicate solution.

      In all the systems studied, permanent hysteresis loops have been obtained. With increase in the temperature of precipitation, there has been a diminution in the sorptive capacity of gels for water at different partial pressures and in most of the systems the hysteresis loop suffers a diminution in size with a change in the shape and position of the loop. But in none of these systems, is any complete elimination of the loop noticeable. Gels precipitated at 100°C. are less porous than the gels precipitated at 25°C. and appear to have fewer cavities that are responsible for the phenomenon of hysteresis.

    • Author Affiliations


      T Krishnappa1 2 K Subba Rao1 B Sanjiva Rao1 3

      1. Department of Chemistry, Central College, Bangalore, S. India
      2. University of Sheffield, Sheffield
      3. Central College, Bangalore
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