• Emission bands of halogens - Part III. Iodine bands arising in 1u (3Πu+) and 1g (1Πg) states

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      Emission Band; Unstable State; Final Level; Potential Energy Curve; Iodine Atom

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      The three broad bands at 4747·2, 4662·1 and 4575·2 A are explained as due to transitions from a single stable state 1u (3Σu+) at 44900 cm.−1 to three unstable states Og+ (3Σg), 1g (3Σg) and 1g (1Πg) which dissociate into2P3/2+2P1/2 iodine atoms at 20037 cm.−1 The bands in the region 2687 to 2400 A form three groups which are explained as arising in a level 1g (1Πg) at 58572 cm.−1 and having for their final level the three unstable states 1u (3Δ1u), 2u (3Δ2u) and 1u (1Πu) which dissociate into2P3/2+2P1/2 iodine atoms. The potential energy diagram for iodine molecule is given.

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      Putcha Venkateswarlu1

      1. Physics Department, Benares Hindu University, India
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