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      Gossypol; Acetophenone; Hydrogen Chloride; Methyl Alcohol; Pyrone

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      Gossypol condenses with ethylacetoacetate and diethyl malonate in the presence of piperidine to form pyrones and with acetophenone and dihydroxy acetophenone in the presence of hydrogen chloride to form flavylium salts. They are definite crystalline substances with characteristic properties. Thus the presence of two ortho-hydroxyaldehyde groups in the gossypol molecule is established. The dianilino-compound of gossypol also undergoes the above condensations smoothly indicating that it is easily split up into gossypol and aniline under the conditions of the reactions.

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      K D Paranjape1 N L Phalnikar1 B V Bhide1 K S Nargund1

      1. Maharaja Pratapsinh Chemical Laboratory, S. P. College, Poona, 2
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