• Chemotherapy of bacterial infections - X. 2-Acetsulphanilimido-3-acetsulphanilylthiazolone and 2-Diacetsulphanilylamidothiazole. A new route to sulphathiazole

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      Calcium Carbonate; Thiazole; Sodium Bicarbonate; Dilute Hydrochloric Acid; Colourless Needle

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      2-Aminothiazole condensed with acetsulphanilylchloride in aqueous solution or suspension in the presence of sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate or barium carbonate to yield 2-diacetsulphanilylamidothiazole m.p. 128–29°; the same product is also obtained by condensing 2-aminothiazole with two molecular equivalents of acetsulphanilylchloride in pyridine or by condensing 2-acetsulphanilamidothiazole with acetsulphanilylchloride in alkaline solution. This compound on boiling with alcohol isomerises into 2-acetsulphanilimido-3-sulphanilylthiazolone. These two products are hydrolysed by acid or alkali to sulphathiazole in good yield. A process of preparation of sulphathiazole is described.

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      C V Deliwala1 K Ganapathi1 M V Shirsat1

      1. Department of Chemotherapy, Haffkine Institute, Parel, Bombay
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