• Bacterial chemotherapy, I: Synthesis of N1-substituted sulphanilamides

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      Triazole; Acetophenone; Isatin; Sulphonamide; Aminoguanidine

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      With the object of ascertaining the relative antibacterial merits of sulphonamides derived, among a few others, chiefly from heterocyclic ring systems, a series of N1-substituted sulphonamides containing the triazole, benzotriazole, indazole, indole, and indotriazine rings have been synthesised. Additional compounds reported are the sulphonamide derivatives of acetophenone and guanidine.

      A few Schiff's bases derived from the sulphonamides have also been prepared for their possible therapeutic usefulness and for a study of the mode of action of the sulphonamido Schiff's bases in general.

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      S Rajagopalan1

      1. Haffkine Institute, Bombay
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